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I'm writing to you to ask for support for our cause.

As you may know, Oamaru has remained in the top 5 of the Gigatown competition due to the strong support we received at the beginning of the competition, boosting our score into high figures almost from day 1.

A recent Chorus competition that had the postential to earn 1000 points per entry has just finished with the scoreboards being updated later this week to show a change across the board that is likely to remove Oamaru from the top 5 and completely re-order the leaderboard.

We need to be in the top 5 to have a chance in winning, so I'm hoping that we can raise more support from followers new and old by encouraging businesses to take part.

Other towns are encouraging participation by giving away products, servicies or vouchers from local businesses. In return that business is promoted on the towns Gigatown facebook page.

We would like to try a similar endeavour to see if we can re-kindle support and gain points. Would you like your business to be promoted on the GigatownOamaru Facebook page? We have over 2500 followers so have the potential to reach a large portion of Oamaru.

Let me know if you can provide items or servicies to be offered as prizes to supporters who post on our page along with the #gigatownoamaru tag. We have software that will randomly select one of the comments from a post on our page to select a winner. We will also encourage our supporters to like your page as well on the day you are supporting the competition, so a great way to increase your Facebook fan page numbers.

Check out the 101 tab above for tips on how to use social media to improve your customer numbers. Logon to the website with social media and register your business for access to videos and the ability to ask questions on the Gigatown Oamaru Forum.

Have you liked our page? Have we have liked yours? Let us know if we haven't -

Contact us via facebook, twitter or this website if you would like to know more.

Hi Everyone,

Chorus have now updated their website to show the places where they will be counting #gigatownoamaru tags for towns to gain points.

As you can see, at there are only 1 or 2 nominated pages for each town. Chorus have stated that this is because the content that was being created on business pages was not related to the competition.

Businesses in and around Oamaru have been amazing in their support by tagging #gigatownoamaru across the board, and this has brought a huge number of people to the Facebook page who would not have known about it otherwise. I for one will be continuing to #gigatownoamaru on my GoldingArtsNZ page, though have to start posting there as well as my posts have dropped off considerably since Gigatown started!

As the competition grows, no doubt there will be more dedicated Gigatown Facebook pages added. The more added then the more places there will be for individuals to score points, but remember, content needs to be valid, so please check the rules on the Gigatown.Oamaru 

The Gigatown.Oamaru website is as yet an underused resource, this will be changing over the coming weeks with individuals and businesses being able to register their interest in helping Oamaru compete.

Remember that Facebook is not the only way to gain points, so please have a look at the other social media portals such as Twitter, Flickr and Instagram, great ways to promote Oamaru and talk about the competition.

We will be creating educational and promotional material for these sources, so please make sure you keep an eye on Facebook for when they are ready.

As you can see from the leader board, Wanaka have had a meteoric rise to the top. This is due to their population base being calculated by Chorus as 30,000 people initially when there were actually only 8000. When a person tags #gigatown[Their Town] there is an adjustment factor determined by their population, Oamaru’s adjustment factor appears to be just over 6, so one #gigatownoamaru = 6 points.

An article in the ODT today (Here) states that Oamaru accused Wanaka of cheating. Well, looking at the post that was made, and the as far as I am aware, the fact the no one from Chorus had been in touch with any of the towns to state that there had been an adjustment to the base calculations is it surprising that people were crying foul? No it is not.

In response to Jamie Roys statement that he doubted spamming was a factor, Jamie, please check the post on the 18th on the Wanaka page asking people to upload 10,000 photos at a time and give them the Wanaka #tag. As far as I am aware you are part of the Wanaka management team so please communicate the rules with everyone else. If a search in Flickr is done for any of the towns tags we can see 1000’s of photos that are not related to the competition, this is spam. Chorus is attempting to manage this issue but unless it is reported to them they will not likely act on it. So all town managers, please check your tags and self report spam to Chorus.

So far as the ODT article is concerned, when the reporter rang me yesterday I clearly stated that there appears to be spamming across the board, I think due to people not understanding the rules. She did not disclose the main content of the article to me and to be honest, such a cheap sensationalist shot at Oamaru is demeaning to the ODT. Please note that it was a Wanaka reporter who wrote the article, not a reporter from Oamaru.

Wanaka is using monetary carrots to encourage people to #tag on their facebook page, do you think that this is a way to build a community?

A final note, Oamaru’s response has been amazing. I know there are voices shouting in frustration that little seems to be happening, but big plans are afoot.

Keep the evening of the 11th of December free Oamaru ;)

Derek Golding

Gigatown Ambassador


Welcome to Gigatown Oamaru!



What a great start to an 18 month adventure! Over a 1000 likes even before the competition started, then straight up to the top of the leaderboard on the first day!

Not just the sharpest town but clearly on it's way to becoming the fastest town as well!

Keep an eye out for all our social media outlets, not just Facebook, Twitter and the like, but also business websites around the town that will be promoting the #gigatownoamaru and #gigatownoam tags.

This website will be evolving as we work towards our common goal, so make sure you bookmark the site and sign up for the newsletter!

This is a race we will not loose, you have all shown great support and insight into how UFB can change our town, so lets shout out loud Gigatown Oamaru! to the world!


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